ZOOMBOOK is an innovative publishing house, devoted to bring you high-quality personalized photo books, notebooks, diaries, storybooks and more. We've been awarded at 'Best Startup Awards' in 2013 and 'The Most Innovative Company Awards' in 2014.

We aim to create a colouring book for adults, representing the most beautiful cities worldwide and capturing their unique personality, lifestyle and character through the eyes of an artist. Visit here to explore our vision, well, visually on Pinterest. Rather than simply focusing on the landmarks or architecture, we invite you to tell a story of your native city or country in pictures. We are sure you've got interesting stories to tell. Please also note that we're launching this project on a crowdfunding platform for supporting creative ventures.

  • JOIN THE CREATIVE EXCHANGE. With artists from all over the world participating in this project, you will be able to share experiences and make new connections worldwide!
  • GET SOME PUBLICITY with your name tagged on your artwork and your contacts provided on a dedicated page.
  • GET YOUR OWN COPIES OF FINAL BOOK. 10 copies for you free of charge – you may colour them yourself or give them away to your friends.
  • GET A 20 % DISCOUNT FOR ALL ZOOMBOOK PRODUCTS. Have you checked out our e-shop yet? Sure we have something for you;)
  • GET A HONORARIUM. You will get a 20 eur gift voucher for the chosen authors just for submitting the work and 50 eur more after the project will succeed in a crowdfunding platform.

Artwork specifications

  • The subject of our colouring book is "Cities". Keywords: street life, people, culture, architecture, mood.
  • One image (illustration) required, as you will be given 1 page in the colouring book.
  • Two versions of image (illustration) required: one prepared for colouring (outlines only), one already coloured by you.
  • Deadline for submitting the work is 20 10 2015

Format of the colouring book

  • 20×20 cm (7,9x7,9 inch) notebook
  • 132 pages
  • Plain, ruled or graphed page layouts, printed on 100 g offset paper

Sounds intersting?