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loyalty program

Create more, pay less!

How does it work?

For every purchase you make, you get a return of up to 15%. This is turned into loyalty points which can be spent on any ZOOMBOOK products. The return from your purchase depends on your loyalty level.

What’s my loyalty level?

Loyalty levels

Loyalty level Return Transitional sum
I 3% €145
II 5% €435
III 7% €870
IV 10% €1449
V 12% €2029
VI 15% -

Terms and conditions

  • Every user registered on ZOOMBOOK automatically participates in ZOOMBOOK loyalty program.
  • The money you spend when purchasing ZOOMBOOK products is turned into loyalty points.
    1 point equals €1.00.
  • When a transitional sum is reached, the user is promoted to a higher level of the loyalty program.
  • If no purchase is made in one year, the user is demoted to a lower level of the loyalty program. The time is counted from the last order placed.
  • Users keep their points after demotion, but the transitional sum is reset.
  • If no purchase is made in one year while in Level I, users keep their level and points, but the transitional sum is reset.
  • Users can choose to spend or keep their points when placing an order.
  • If you choose to spend points, the whole price of the order is covered.
  • If you choose to keep points, you make a return in points which is calculated depending on your loyalty level and the price of your purchase.
  • ZOOMBOOK loyalty program is valid only for ZOOMBOOK products.
  • ZOOMBOOK reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the loyalty program without prior notice.