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Help and information by phone is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Lunch break from 12 a.m. to 13 p.m. We respond to email requests within 24 hours during business days.

Production, delivery, payment

How long does it take to produce the products?

The production time of Classic photobooks, notebooks and planners is usually 3-4 business days.

Photo canvases, wall calendars and cards are produced in 1-2 business days.

PREMIUM photobooks in 5-7 business days.

Orders that have been accepted by 11 p.m. will go into production on the following business days.

How long is the delivery time?

To European countries: Standard Delivery (1-5 business days) or Express Delivery (1-2 business days).

Do you delivery abroad as well?

Yes, we also ship products to other European contries, except to Ireland and Great Britain. You can see the full list of countries in the basket if you have chosen 'delivery abroad' as the delivery method.

Can I track my order?

It is possible to track your order by logging into your account. Your account has a section called "Orders" where you can find the full history of your orders. From your account you can see the date of the order and the amount of ordered products, the sum of the order and the delivery information. Here you can also see the number of the voucher used with the order.

After submitting the order, all ZOOMBOOK users will receive two emails. The first email is the confirmation of the order and the second email includes the information about the production of the order and the invoice.


Do you issue an invoice?

We will send you an invoice via email with the notification about the products produced. The invoice can also be downloaded from your account in the section Orders.

If the client is a company, you must specify the company details during the submission of the order.

If the company requires a prepayment invoice for the bank transfer, please specify in the basket that the buyer is a company, add the company details and choose the prepayment invoice.

How long are created and ordered products kept?

Products that are being created are kept for one year from the last edit and the ordered products are kept for two years from the date of the order. 15 days before the deletion, the client is notified via email. If the end of the retention period is approaching, the remaining retention days are shown next to the products in the section "My products". If you do not want the deletion of products after the end of the retention period, you can order the products again or make changes in it and save it again – this way the retention period will extend automatically.

About products

Does the photobook have a cover page?

The classic photobooks are printed with a white cover page.
The cover page of the photobook is shown in both the PRO and LITE programs.

When creating a PREMIUM photobook, you can choose between a white and a black cover page. The cover page is not shown during the creation process.

What are the pages of the photobook like?

Classic photobook
Pages can be classic matte, classic glossy or extra glossy with a UV varnish.
The 170 gsm MultiArt Silk paper is used in the production of the classic photobook's matte and extra glossy pages with UV varnish. The 200 gsm MultiArt Gloss paper is used in the production of photobooks with glossy pages.

PREMIUM photobook
The 800 gsm photo paper is used in the production of PREMIUM photobooks.

How do the matte pages differ from the glossy pages?

Classic photobook
The difference between classic glossy pages and classic matte pages is that they are actually very similar. The thickness of the paper is almost the same, only the surface of the glossy paper is more glossy. However, if you prefer extremely glossy pages, we recommend choosing extra glossy pages with UV varnish. The varnish gives the pages their extra shine and protects against UV rays. The surface of the pages has a very fine texture.

PREMIUM photobook
The surface of the matte pages has a very fine texture. The glossy pages have a glass-like gloss.

What is the number of pages in the photobook?

Classic photobook
The minimum number of pages is 24, maximum 120. Pages can be added eight at a time.

PREMIUM photobook
The minimum number of pages is 20, maximum 50. Pages can be added two at a time.

What are the notebooks like?

The inner pages of the notebook are yellow in color.
The pages of the notebook can be the following:

  • without a print (empty pages)
  • lined
  • dotted (dot grid)

The pages of the notebook can be chosen in the editor in the section "Page's menu".

What kind of a canvas is used in the production of a photo canvas?

For printing, a synthetic canvas is used that has a slightly roughened surface common to canvases. The canvas is extended to a wooden support frame that is 4-5 cm thick.

About photos

What kind of photo formats can be used?

Photos that have been saved in the JPG or PNG format can be uploaded to the ZOOMBOOK editor.

How to choose photos?

When choosing photos, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and resolution (it should not be under 300 dpi) of the photos. Otherwise the photo will be blurry. If the resolution of the photo is very low, the editor will show a warning about it – a red exclamation mark is shown on the photo.

Avoid dark photos – people's faces that have a shadow on them, photos taken against the sun. These kinds of photos are too dark for the photobook.

How to prepare the photos?

The photos can be uploaded without any additional preparation. Photos that are too dark or bright or with excessive color saturation can be changed in the editor.

Note! Bare in mind that images seem always sharper or brighter on a computer screen.

Why are colors different?

The reasons of the color differences of photos are usually the settings of the screen. The photos may seem lighter and/or brighter on the screen than in the photobook. The reason of color difference can also be an incorrectly calibrated screen.

The photos printed into a photobook differ from photos printed in a photographic laboratory due to different printing technology. ZOOMBOOK's photobooks are printed on a special paper and the printing press is calibrated according to special international standards.

If you have additional questions about the printing of photobooks, you can contact us via the email address support@zoombook.com.

Are photos taken with a cell phone also suitable for use in a photobook?

Yes, you can also use photos taken with a cell phone. When choosing photos, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and resolution (it should not be under 300 dpi) of the photos. Otherwise the photo can be blurry. If the resolution of the photo is very low, the editor will notify you about it – a red exclamation mark is shown on the photo. We recommend minimizing the photos taken with a cell phone. In case of a photobook, we suggest placing 3-4 photos on the page instead of a photo that covers the whole page.

Avoid dark photos: people's faces with a shadow on them, photos taken against the sun. These kinds of photos would be too dark.

How to use old paper photographs?

When using paper photographs, the best method is to scan them and save in JPG format – then it is possible to upload them into the editor. The second option is to take a picture of them. When choosing this method, you need to make sure that the photos are sharp, not blurry.

Can I place a photo on two pages?


BUT… When designing a Classic photobook, we recommend placing a photo on two pages so that someone's face would not be on the gutter of the book. A better option is to place all the faces rather on the edge of the page. If the face is in the middle of the book, you might be disappointed if you do not see the face very well after receiving your photobook.

When creating a PREMIUM photobook, you can place a photo on two pages the way you wish. The Layflat technology allows the PREMIUM photobooks to be opened at an angle of 180 degrees.

Problems and their solutions

Saving of the product failed due to the error "File was not found".

This message is shown when the editor cannot anymore find the photos that have been uploaded there. When saving the product, the uploaded photos must be in the same location where they were during their uploading to the ZOOMBOOK editor.

What do to if the saving process has stopped?

During saving, the photos are sent to the serves and the saving time depends on the speed of the Internet, thus it might sometimes take some time, especially during the saving of large files. If the operation stops completely, try to close the editor and open it again. If the design includes unsaved photos, the editor will ask you to load them again after having been opened.

Do you correct the designs sent by customers?

We do not look at nor correct the designs of photobooks created and ordered by customers. After the order has been placed, your product will be instantly forwarded to production. If you need help with or have questions about the layout, you can always contact us by sending an email to the address support@zoombook.com or by calling us on the number +370 657 20 226.

Can you make a layout for my photobook?

We do not offer the service of making layouts for photobooks. In order to simplify your work, we have created templates. Choose the template of the topic or style you like and upload your photos in the locations that have been prepared beforehand. The creation of a photobook is also faster when you choose the automatic layout function, which places your photos into the photobook within seconds.

Can the order be changed after the order has been placed?

No. After placing the order, the design is automatically forwarded to production.

What happens if I have forgotten my password?

On the login screen, click the button "Forgot the password?". On the next screen, enter the email address and you will receive an email with the link to change the password.

Can the login password be changed?

Yes. Log in to your account and choose the section "Change the password".

I did not receive an email with the confirmation link, the link to change the password or the details of the order.

Depending on the email service provider, the emails sent by ZOOMBOOK might sometimes end up in the junk mail, advertisement or social media folder. We recommend checking those folders as well in your mailbox for the email you used during the registration of your account.

Can a created product be transferred to another account?

Unfortunately, this option is not available.

How to add two different products into the basket?

Firstly, add the first product into the basket. In order to do that, log in to your profile and choose the section "My products", click on the grey square on the product being created and click on the button "Open". In the basket, click on the button "Add another product". Repeat the same steps from the beginning, but with the other product.

Loyalty program, discount codes, gift vouchers

How does the ZOOMBOOK loyalty program work?

With each order, you will get up to 5% back from the amount paid for the order. That percentage will be changed to special ZOOMBOOK points. These can be used to pay for the amount in the ZOOMBOOK basket in the extent of up to 30%. The terms and conditions of the loyalty program can be found in the section My account – Loyalty levels.

How many loyalty points do I have and what level am I on?

The amount of loyalty points and the loyalty level can be checked in the section My account – Loyalty levels.

How is it possible to use discount codes?

The discount code can be submitted in the basket on the row "Discount code / Giftcard" in the step "Payment".

Will you make a refund if I forgot to enter the discount code before making a payment for the order?

Unfortunately, we will not make a refund if you forgot to enter your discount code before making the payment.

How is it possible to use ZOOMBOOK giftcards?

The code of the giftcard can be submitted in the basket on the row "Discount code / Giftcard" in the step "Payment".