Purchase regulations

1. General provisions

1.1. ZOOMBOOK product purchase and sale regulations (hereinafter – Regulations) is an obligatory document to both Customer and Seller (hereinafter collectively – Parties), which establishes Party rights and obligations, conditions and processes of ZOOMBOOK product purchase, payment, delivery and return, as well as other provisions related to product order, purchase and sale.

1.2. Customer agrees to Regulations before purchasing a ZOOMBOOK product (products) by clicking the link "Start now".

1.3. Seller is entitled to change, supplement or edit Regulations at any time. Seller is not obligated to give notice regarding the changes of Regulations. Any changes enter into force immediately after they are posted on ZOOMBOOK website.

1.4. ZOOMBOOK products (hereinafter – product) shall be ordered and purchased solely by:

1.4.1. capable natural persons, i.e. adult persons who are not incapacitated by judicial lien;

1.4.2. minors from 14 to 18 years only with parental or guardian consent, excluding cases when they are independently disposing of their income;

1.4.3. legal persons;

1.4.4. accredited representatives of all the thereinbefore indicated persons.

1. 5. By agreeing to Regulations, Customer confirms his entitlement to purchase products with reference to clause 1.4 of these Regulations.

2. Personal data security

2.1. Prior to purchasing ZOOMBOOK products, Customer shall provide his personal data (name, surname, address for product delivery, telephone number, valid email) which are necessary for product purchase, delivery and payment.

2.2. Seller shall not reveal Customer’s personal data to third persons, except for Seller’s partners who provide product delivery or other services related to appropriate fulfilment of Customer’s order. In all cases, personal data of Customer shall only be revealed to third persons in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.3. Seller shall ensure that Customer’s personal data is used solely for the purposes of product purchase and direct marketing.

2.4. With reference to case 11.3 of these Regulations, the identification provided by Customer to Seller’s employee and Customer’s data in such a document shall be used solely to appropriately identify the person.

3. Award of purchase-sale contract

3.1. Purchase-sale contract (hereinafter – Contract) between Customer and Seller shall be concluded immediately after the moment when Customer clicks “Order”.

4. Customer obligations

4.1. Having clicked the link “Start now”, Customer shall comply with these Regulations, other conditions and shall not breach the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.

4.2. Customer shall pay for the product ordered and receive it in accordance with the processes set by these Regulations.

5. Customer rights

5.1. Customer is entitled to create and/or order products and purchase them on ZOOMBOOK website in compliance with these Regulations.

5.2. Customer is entitled to refuse the concluded purchase-sale agreement by issuing a written notice to Seller (by email, indicating the product he desires to return, its order number and the reason for return) no later than 3 (three) working days since the product’s delivery day. Customer is entitled to these Customer rights in compliance to the terms of product return, as indicated in section 12, only if the product has not been damaged by Customer or if its appearance has not substantially changed due to Customer’s fault.

6. Seller obligations

6.1. Seller shall provide the opportunity for Customer to use the services of ZOOMBOOK website.

6.2. Seller shall deliver the products purchased by Customer to the address indicated, with reference to the terms set by these Regulations.

6.3. Seller shall respect Customer’s right to privacy regarding his personal data.

6.4. Should Customer exercise the right indicated in clause 5.2 of Regulations under the conditions of section 12 and only in case of Seller obligation breach, Seller shall return the paid money to Customer within 7 (seven) working days, starting from the day of receiving the product.

7. Seller rights

7.1. Should Customer attempt in any manner to impair Seller’s work, data security or breach other Customer obligations indicated in section 4, Seller is entitled to refuse Customer’s access to ZOOMBOOK website or otherwise limit his opportunity to use ZOOMBOOK website’s database.

7.2. Should Customer breach any of the regulations for ZOOMBOOK website usage, product purchase, promotions, contests, and should Customer also be identified to act in bad faith against Seller, attempt to deceptively bypass the purchase and/or other regulations, abuse the given priviledges and/or discounts, Seller shall be entitled to at any time completely or partially limit the Customer's access to ZOOMBOOK website and/or services in any way. Customer agrees that Seller shall unilaterally decide whether Customer has breached the regulations of the website, and Customer shall accept any decision made by Seller as legitimate and fair.

8. Product order

8.1. In compliance to Regulations, Customer is entitled to use ZOOMBOOK website to create and/or order photobooks, diaries, notebooks, and other products offered by ZOOMBOOK. Whilst using this service, it is forbidden to upload and store information which is illegal and forbidden according to the applicable laws. ZOOMBOOK reserves the right to remove forbidden information from the website.

8.2.By agreeing to these rules, Client agrees to have ZOOMBOOK logo printed on the back cover of the photo book

8.3. Standard manufacturing time for photobooks, notebooks, diaries and other printed matter – up to 7 working days from the day of receiving payment for the ordered product. Postcards are produced in 1 working day.

8.4. Product’s manufacture shall be started only after Seller receives payment for the ordered product.

8.5. Should Customer fail to receive a confirmation for product’s manufacture or shipping, he shall contact ZOOMBOOK via email, indicating the order number.

9. Product price

9.1. Product prices are indicated in Euros, VAT included. VAT invoices are issued in Euros. Product delivery fees are not included in ZOOMBOOK product prices.

10. Payment for products

10.1. Customer shall pay for the ordered product (products) via online banking, payment partner – PayPal;

10.2. Payment shall be considered as received at that point when Seller receives the payment order to his bank account.

10.3. On payment, Customer shall indicate the customer product number under the purpose of the payment.

10.4. Should the payment fail to reach Seller, he shall hold the Customer’s order in the system for 15 days. Should the payment fail to reach Seller during this period, the order will be nullified.

11. Product delivery

11.1. Customer can only use the courier delivery service.

11.2. When choosing the product delivery service, Customer shall provide the precise address for product delivery and a contact phone number. If Client does not provide a contact phone number and or is unavailable at the time of delivery at the address indicated, the courier will return the product to Seller and charge Client an additional fee for a re-delivery.

11.3. Customer shall receive the ordered product himself. In case he is not able to do so, while the product has been delivered to the address indicated by Customer and under other information provided by Customer, Customer is not entitled to invoke claims to Seller regarding product delivery/transfer to an inappropriate entity;

11.4. Products can be delivered by Seller himself or by his accredited representative;

11.5. Product delivery fee shall be calculated on the basis of delivery address, item weight and size;

11.6. Seller reserves the right to change the product delivery fee.

11.7. Delivery time for photo books, notebooks and diaries: Standard to Europe – 5-10 business days, Express to Europe - 1-2 business days, Express to the USA - 2-3 business days. Delivery time for postcards: to Europe - 3-10 business days, Elsewhere - 10-30 business days. Note that delivery time does not include production time.

11.8. Seller shall make every endeavor to deliver the purchased product as soon as possible.

11.9. On receiving a product, together with Seller or his accredited representative, Customer shall check the condition of the delivery and product(s) and sign an invoice, waybill or other document for delivery transfer and reception. Should Customer sign the invoice, waybill or other document for delivery transfer and reception, it is considered that the delivery has been transferred in adequate condition, and no faults of product, which have not developed due to manufacturing spoilage, or product complement inadequacies were found. Should Customer notice any damage to the delivery package (crushed, wet or otherwise externally damaged) or that product(s) is faulty or inadequately complemented, he shall indicate this in the invoice, waybill or other document for delivery transfer and reception, and draw up a free form delivery or product damage (inadequacy) act with Seller or his representative present. Should Customer fail to perform these actions, Seller is relieved of liability against Customer regarding product faults if such faults have not developed due to manufacturing spoilage, as well as regarding product complement inadequacies if these inadequacies can be determined by examining the exterior of the product.

12. Product return

12.1. Faults in products sold shall be fixed or faulty products shall be replaced, should Seller be responsible for the faults.

12.2. Customer is entitled to execute the product return right within 7 (seven) working days from the day the product is delivered to him by notifying Seller in accordance with the process indicated in clause 5.2 of Regulations.

12.3. To return a product, additional conditions shall be fulfilled:

12.3.1. product must not have been damaged by Customer;

12.3.2. product must be returned in Seller’s package or other package which guarantees safe transportation/shipping;

12.3.3. on returning a product, its purchase document must be presented;

12.3.4. products shall be returned to Seller’s place of activity: UAB BALTO trader, Utenos g. 41A, LT-08217 Vilnius;

12.3.5. to return a product, Customer must fill out a product return form, indicating the reason for return;

12.3.6. Customer pays the product return fees.

12.4. Seller is entitled to refuse the products returned by Customer if the product return terms have been breached.

12.5. Should Seller be held liable for the faulty product and it is impossible to fix the faults, the money paid for products returned shall be repaid only via bank transfer to payer’s bank account.

13. Information supply

13.1. Seller shall supply information to Customer’s email provided in his registration form, while Customer is entitled to use all of the communication channels indicated in ZOOMBOOK website’s section “Contacts”.

13.2. By agreeing to these Regulations, Customer agrees to receive to his email information messages essential for processing product order, payment and delivery.

14. Liability

14.1. Customer is fully liable for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided in the registration form. Should Customer provide inaccurate or incorrect information in the registration form, Seller shall not be liable for related consequences and is entitled to demand compensation for direct losses from Customer.

14.2. Customer is fully liable for his actions on ZOOMBOOK website. ZOOMBOOK is not responsible for the provided by the Customer photographs, illustrations or material authorship and do not check it, as well, is not responsible for the provided facts in the textual material, subject, context or content's errors and do not check. ZOOMBOOK also is not responsible for the Customer's activities, do not control and do not represent the Customer. Provided services do not mean that ZOOMBOOK in any way supports the actions of the Customer or the content of his publications.

14.3. The Customer is responsible for his registration data security and undertakes does not transfer their accession to ZOOMBOOK data to the third parties. If the Customer registration data is used by a third party, it will be regarded as the Customer.

14.4. Seller shall be relieved of any liability in all cases if losses occur due to Customer’s failure to familiarize himself with these Regulations, despite his obligations and Seller’s recommendations, when such opportunity had been provided to him.

14.5. Seller shall not be liable for incongruities of product colour and the colour of its computer model on the monitor used by Customer.

14.6. In case of losses, the guilty party shall compensate direct losses to the other party.

15. Promotions done by Seller

15.1. Seller is entitled to do various types of promotions, change their conditions at any time, and stop them.

15.2. Customer is entitled to purchase gift vouchers and use them to purchase products.

15.3. Gift voucher is delivered to Customer's email after successful payment.

15.4. Should the order sum exceed Customer’s gift voucher value, Customer shall pay the price difference for the purchased product.

15.5. Gift vouchers shall not be traded for money.

15.6. Gift vouchers can only be redeemed once.

15.7. Gift voucher owner is responsible for safeguarding the voucher and protecting its unique code from other persons.

15.8. If a gift voucher expires, it is no longer valid.

15.9. Gift voucher shall not be renewed if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

15.10. It is forbidden to copy or otherwise reproduce and forge a gift voucher.

15.11. Should Customer purchase a product using gift vouchers and execute the product return right indicated in clause 5.2 of these regulations, the sum used from the gift voucher on purchase is subtracted from the sum returned to Customer.

15.12. The provisions of this section are only applicable to promotions done by Seller and do not apply when campaigns are ran via Seller Intermediaries.

15.13. Should Customer purchase vouchers for ZOOMBOOK products via campaigns ran by Seller Intermediaries, Customer shall comply with the purchase-sale regulations set by Intermediaries, on which Customer agrees when purchasing vouchers.

16. Final provisions

16.1. These Regulations are made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

16.2. Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to relationships emerging on the basis of these Regulations.

16.3. All disputes which arise from the execution of these Regulations shall be settled by negotiation. Should the negotiation fail, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, under Seller’s place of activity.