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Production and delivery information

Production and delivery
terms for Christmas

If you would like to get ZOOMBOOK Christmas gifts till 23 th of December you have to order it till 16 th of December.

If you would like to get it till New year, please order product till 19 th of December.

From 2 th of January all orders will have the casual delivery and production time.


E-mail: support@zoombook.com*

  • *We will respond as soon as possible generally 24 hours on weekdays.

Production and delivery time

Production time


Photo books, notebooks, diaries, calendars
5-7 business days


  • Standard Delivery: 5-10 business days
  • Express Delivery: 1-2 business days


  • Express Delivery: 2-3 business days

1 business day


  • 3-10 business days


  • 10-30 business days

Gift voucher
5 minutes.

E-voucher sent to your email.

Shipping cost calculator

Here's our shipping rates calculator for photo books, notebooks and diaries.
The cost of postcard delivery is already included in its price, so there's no extra fee!
If your country is not on the list, contact us at support@zoombook.com and we'll find a way to deliver your book to you.

Shipping cost calculator

CountryShipping classPrice
AlbaniaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
AndorraStandard (5-10 working days)€10.99
AndorraExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
AustriaStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
AustriaExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
BelgiumStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
BelgiumExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
Bosnia and HerzegovinaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
BulgariaStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
BulgariaExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
CanadaExpress (2-3 working days)€15.00
CroatiaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
CyprusExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
Czech RepublicStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
Czech RepublicExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
DenmarkStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
DenmarkExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
EstoniaExpress (1-2 working days)€4.10
FinlandStandard (5-10 working days)€3.99
FinlandExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
FranceStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
FranceExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
GermanyStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
GermanyExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
GreeceStandard (5-10 working days)€7.99
GreeceExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
HungaryStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
HungaryExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
IcelandExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
IrelandStandard (5-10 working days)€7.99
IrelandExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
ItalyStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
ItalyExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
LatviaExpress (1-2 working days)€3.60
LiechtensteinStandard (5-10 working days)€10.99
LiechtensteinExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
LithuaniaExpress (1-2 working days)€3.00
LuxembourgStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
LuxembourgExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
MacedoniaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
MaltaExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
MoldaviaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
MonacoStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
MonacoExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
MontenegroExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
NetherlandsStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
NetherlandsExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
NorwayStandard (5-10 working days)€10.99
NorwayExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
PolandStandard (5-10 working days)€3.99
PolandExpress (1-2 working days)€9.99
PortugalStandard (5-10 working days)€7.99
PortugalExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
RomaniaStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
RomaniaExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
San MarinoStandard (5-10 working days)€10.99
San MarinoExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
SerbiaExpress (1-2 working days)€17.99
SlovakiaStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
SlovakiaExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
SloveniaStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
SloveniaExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
SpainStandard (5-10 working days)€7.99
SpainExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
SwedenStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
SwedenExpress (1-2 working days)€10.99
SwitzerlandStandard (5-10 working days)€10.99
SwitzerlandExpress (1-2 working days)€15.99
United KingdomStandard (5-10 working days)€5.99
United KingdomExpress (1-2 working days)€12.99
United States of AmericaExpress (2-3 working days)€15.00

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