How to create the calendar

Size selection, calendar settings

When you choose calendar size and template, the SETTINGS window will appear.

  • Starting date of the calendar: choose which date will be the starting date on your calendar. You cannot change this setting later.
  • First day of the week: choose the day, which will start the week on your calendar (Monday or Sunday).
  • Calendar language: choose the language of the calendar text (Lithuanian or English).
  • Holidays choose the country, which public holidays you want to be displayed on the calendar.
ZOOMBOOK calendar settings

You will be able to change some settings during the process.

  • First day of the week
  • Calendar language
  • Holidays:
  • Collection of dates – the important dates marked by you (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Instead of writing the dates repeatedly every time, you can automatically load them by using the previously created set of dates.

Picture upload

Create the calendar