How to use ZOOMBOOK Bookmaker

Hover over each feature for more information.

All the photo books and notebooks you create are saved here. You can copy a selected product (click the plus symbol (+) to create an identical copy) or delete it.
Although you can create a book as a guest, you need to sign up to save your books. Signing up is free. You get a virtual bookshelf to store all your photo books and notebooks.
Hints provide some useful information to avoid common mistakes.
Help contains comprehensive information on how to use the bookmaker, design your covers and redeem discount vouchers.
Book's title. Click here to rename.
The format of your book.
The final price of your book. Depends on the number of pages and cover type.
Upload photos from your computer, Facebook, Google+, Instagram profiles. The number indicates how many photos have been uploaded so far.
Save progress bar indicates the autosave of photos used in the photobook.
Sort your photos. Change their order or delete selected ones.
Shows only those photos which have not been used in the photo book yet.
The number indicates how many times this photo has been used in the photo book.
Menu toolbar has everything you need to design a photo book. This includes backgrounds, masks, frames and other options.
Remove selected pages only.
Go back to the first page of the photo book.
Go back to the previous page of the photo book.
Indicates the number of pages in your photo book and the pages currently selected for editing.
Go to the next page of the photo book.
Go to the last page of the photo book.
Add 8 additional pages. These pages are added to the end of the book, but can always be rearranged.
Undo/Redo your previous action.
Use the bookmaker in fullscreen mode.
Preview your photo book as it would appear in print. Check for any mistakes before ordering.
Save the book. Only those photos which are in the photo book are saved on our servers. Try to save your photo book frequently.
Order the book. After finishing and saving your book, click this to order it for print.
Slider to navigate the menu toolbar.
Send to back. Choose which photos will be visible in the front/back. Useful when layering photos.
Bring to front. Choose which photos will be visible in the front/back. Useful when layering photos.
Clone to create an identical copy of the selected element.

Copy the selected element. Paste it onto any page by clicking Paste.
(see #41)

Photo effects: apply filters, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation.
Zoom in a photo to reframe it using this slider.
Transparency of a photo.
Brightness of a photo.
Contrast of a photo.
Saturation of a photo.
Sepia photo filter.
Grayscale photo filter.
Reset. Undo all the effects applied to a photo.
Slider adjusts the brightness of a page's background.
Paste any copied photos/elements onto the selected page.
Grey bleed area will be cut off during production. Any elements you wish to keep should be at least 5 mm away from this area. To lay out a photo across the whole page, fully cover the grey area with the photo.

Main features

Choose a product

1. Choose your product's format, hardcover or softcover, personalised or canvas/leather cover.


2. You may autofill the book with your photos.

Photo layouts

3. Choose between different page layouts and edit them at any time.

Photo editing

4. Resize, crop, rotate or reframe each photo.

Photo opacity

5. Adjust the opacity of each photo.

Overlay photos

6. Layer your photos over one another by ordering the layers.

Clone photos

7. Make an identical copy of a photo beside it.

Copy photos

8. Copy a photo and add its copy onto any page (click Paste).

Photo effects

9. Apply filters to each photo, adjust its saturation, brightness and contrast.


10. Drag and drop a background to apply it to a single page.

Background for the whole book

11. Apply the same background to the whole book.


12. Apply various masks to your photos.

Photo frame

13. Apply frames to your photos.

Text tool

14. Add text, change its font and colour.